89 meter-tall no-axis ferris wheel
2011年07月13日 09:58

Standing 89 meters tall, about 3000 tons weight, at expenses of RMB 15 million—it is the core sight-view in Changzhou Bauhinia Park and currently the giantest no-axis ferris wheel in the world.

On July 11th, the combination of its two semi-wheels marks the accomplishment of the watching tower. The whole project is expected to be put into use next year.

Regular ferris wheel has axis, which the wheel can rotate around. No-axis ferris wheel is just a circle with no support in the center.

Then how does it work? "The watching tower is fixed, the glass-wall sealed amusement cabins are marching along the outter rail circle, so it can work without an axis," on-site construction engineer said.



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