First Changzhou Expats Talent Show
2014年05月12日 10:04

I love Changzhou, first Changzhou Expats Talent Show was held at Culture Palace Golden Shore Theatre on the evening of Nov. 20. Seven groups of contestants gave wonderful performances and won a lot of applause from local audience. It was lots of fun.

Before this, a series of salons was held for expats to know more about our beautiful Dragon City and hold her in greater esteem, such as the gourmet salon with hands-on activities at Shuang Gui Fang and traditional Chinese medicine salon.

This band usually performs in Dinosaur Park.

Josehp, British, sings a Chinese song. He likes playing the guitar and has his own band.

Roma and Alex, Ukrainians, give a clown show.

Ramesh, Iranian, is a housewife. She sings a famous Chinese song The Moon Speaks My Mind.

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