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Human resources


Jiangsu province backs Changzhou with a large workforce

• Jiangsu has 122 colleges, which tops all other provinces in China; more than 460.000 students have graduated from colleges in Jiangsu in 2009 and 530,000 students in 2010, of which 240,000 will be university graduates.

Source: Jiangsu Education, http://www.ec.js.edu.cn 

• Skilled workers in Jiangsu are abundant.

- more than 600 vocational and technical schools are located in Jiangsu; the number of vocational students education is ranked first among all provinces in China.

- Project " 353 " is a plan by the Jiangsu government to deliver technical training to 100,000 persons annually and 300,000 professional technicians in three years.

Changzhou has developed support polices for recruiting and training

• In recent years, Changzhou has published "Guidance in Recruiting Talents from Overseas" and "Notice for Speeding Entrepreneurship in Changzhou" to attract more high-level talent.

• In 2009, Changzhou has released "Outline of Changzhou Talents Development 2009-2020" which is targeted at creating a more friendly environment for professionals' development.

- in 2009, more than 48 thousand people passed occupational exams.

- Changzhou has over 320,000 professionals (e.g. accountants, lawyers).

Sources: (1) Changzhou Municipal Statistics Bureau

     (2) Changzhou Municipal Human Resources

and Social Security Bureau


Changzhou Science and Education Town was built as a public platform for education, research and social services

• Changzhou Science and Education Town (Changzhou Higher Vocational Education Base) is an experimental area for the reform and development of senior vocational education in Jiangsu Province, and was recognized as a "National Technology Garden" by the Ministry of Technology and Science of PRC.

- built in 2003, currently 220 institutions are located in the town; there are 75,000 students of whom around 20,000 graduate each year.

- in 2009, 277 patents were submitted by the town and there were 499 joint projects with local businesses.

- the Town has cooperated with more than 40 colleges and universities from China, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

• Chagnzhou Science and Education Town has constructed an Innovative Base, a Modern Industrial Centre, laboratories, and modern library facility.

- the Innovative Base covers 1.25 k㎡ and has cooperated with a number of enterprises in Changzhou.

- the Modern Industrial Centre covers 70,000 ㎡.

- the Modern Design and Manufacturing Centre serves as a base for advanced design, testing, processing and manufacturing for the equipment manufacturing industry.

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