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Changzhou National Hi-Tech District (CND)


 CND is a top investment location for foreign investors in China

Changzhou Export Processing Zone

• CND, a state-level Hi-Tech industrial development area approved by the State Council, lies in the northern part of Changzhou - about 17 km from the city centre, very close to the Yangtze River. It was established in 1992 and has been granted an ISO14001 certificate. Up to now, over 10,000 enterprises have registered in the District.

• CND particularly encourages investors to invest in five fields: machinery, electronics, advanced materials, biopharmaceutical, renewable energy and environmental protection. Changzhou Export Processing Zone, Mechanical and Electrical Industry Zone, Changzhou Solar Photovoltaic Power Park and Xinbei Yangtze Riverside Development Districts are all located here.

• Changzhou Innovative Industrial Base is located in CND and is the only one in Jiangsu province which was awarded as "2009 China Best Innovative Industrial Base".

- more than 400 enterprises have presences in the base, and the industry cluster features software, animation and online games.

• At the 2009 China Hi-Tech Industry Conference, CND was named an "Advanced State-level Hi-Tech District", and ranked third in terms of rising in the list.

The Changzhou Export Processing Zone (CEPZ) sits inside the CND

• Located in the CND, CEPZ was approved by the State Council in June 2005; companies in the CEPZ are considered outside of China for customs purposes.

• The Zone contains:

- export-oriented processing enterprises (EPEs), especially in the industries of electronic information, mechatronics, and new materials.

- storage companies which serve the export processors within CEPZ.

- logistic companies approved by the local customs to handle the transport of goods in and out of the CEPZ.

• Companies in the CEPZ enjoy the general business conditions of doing business in China, but also enjoy some special incentives designed for export companies, including tax exemption for imports, tax rebates for exports and bonded materials.

• CEPZ provides a variety of services in addition to bonded logistics.


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