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Jiangsu Wujin Hi-Tech Industrial Zone (WIZ)


WIZ was built based on the Eco-Industrial-Park concept


Wujin Export Processing Zone


• Construction of WIZ began in 1996, with a planned area of 105 k㎡, and an Eco-Industrial-Park concept, i.e. a "clean" industrial park; in August 2009, WIZ was authorized as provincial Eco-Industrial-Park.

• The zone comprises six districts: electronics, machinery, auto parts, logistics and storage, a central trading and commercial district, and a residential sector.

• Newly built Wujin Export Processing Zone (EPZ) is the only EPZ authorized in 2009, with a planned area of 1.15k㎡.

- currently, multinationals such as EPISTAR and Lite-On have launched their business in Wujin EPZ.

• Jintong International Industrial Zone is located in WIZ and was established in October 2005. It has been recognized as one of the most recommended parks for foreign investors in China by the UN Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, the American Electronics Association and EU Machinery Manufacturers Association.

- the first base for Chinese entrepreneurs from overseas set up by Over seas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council.


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