Foreign Investment Trend
2014年05月12日 14:22

Changzhou has seen increasing foreign investment

• Utilized FDI in Changzhou has increased at an average rate of 33 percent over 2005-2009, much quicker than the national average (6percent) and Jiangsu (16 percent).

• In 2009, utilized FDI in Changzhou reached USD 2.261 billion and 237 foreign investment projects were approved.

• By the end of 2009, more than 3,100 enterprises from 104 countries and regions had established presences in Changzhou.

Manufacturing is the focus of foreign investment activities

• In 2009, manufacturing has accounted for 62.4% of total foreign investment.

Key reasons for investor choice of Changzhou include developed infrastructure, support policies and efficient government services

• Forty-nine of the Fortune 500 have set up presences in Changzhou, with a combined investment more than USD 2.86 billion.

Source: Changzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce

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