Ecological Construction
2014年05月12日 14:31
At the beginning of 2008, Changzhou was officially awarded by the Ministry of Construction as a National Garden City. Among all the 34 cities with this honorable title including Changzhou, only 3 are from Jiangsu Province.

By the end of 2009, the total green area in the built up districts have reached 5,118.3 hectares, with the green area ratio of 38.2% and green coverage ratio of 42.2%; the per capita public green area has achieved 12.3 square meters; 46 provincial-level garden-style residential areas, 118 provincial-level garden-style units, and 57 parks, green belts in squares and riverside green belts have been built up.

In recent years, pursuing on the goal of building the local public parks into "paradise of the public, green lung of the city and model of gardens", Changzhou accumulatively invested over RMB 3 billion in renovating and expanding 54 parks with green area and opened all these parks to the public for free, making Changzhou the first city where all the municipal parks are free to access across the country.

During the year of 2009, Changzhou has made great efforts to win several key environmental battles involving ecological construction, pollution control and emission reduction, water management in the Taihu Lake areas, Clear Water Project in the urban area and air cleaning. The attainment rate of the water quality in the city's drinking water sources maintained 100%while the water quality of the 9outof 11 examined river sections in the Taihu Lake areas met the criteria if assessment set up in the Tenth Five-year Plan.

Efforts has also been made to carry forward the Clear Water Project involving some 60 waterways in the city, to strengthen and improve the water quality of 52 waterways, manage the water environment of 8 waterways comprehensively and compete the eco-rehabilitation of 10 waterways. There were 334days when the air quality in the urban area was appraised as "excellent" or "good", accounting for 91.5% of the 365days in the whole year. The covering rate of the standard-achieving area in terms of noise level in the city maintained 100%. Changzhou has stepped up its efforts to coordinate and balance the development of its urban and rural areas while steadily advanced the New Rural Construction progress.

The task of cleaning up the garbage, dung and ponds and building more green areas in a thousand villages has almost been completed. 450 villages achieved the standard of having solid roads, green villages, clean sanitary facilities, clear rivers and ponds and beautiful environment as well as public service centers, long-term management mechanisms and rural culture. The eight major greening projects have been fully implemented with an investment of RMB 1.844 billion, the newly added green area of 2,584.36 hectares and an eco-rehabilitation area of 540 hectares.

Through these years' efforts, all work for building a green Changzhou is in stable progress. The garden greening concept of "people first, ecological, civilization and modernization" and the green area increasing practice of "build greenbelts by planning, enhance green areas through projects, plant trees by dismantling unauthorized buildings, and increase plants density" have been rooted in people's mind. Changzhou's greening undertaking has also been recognized by all sectors of the society.

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