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2014年05月12日 14:32

The long written history of more than2,500 years helps ancient Changzhou accumulate and deposit the abundant cultural heritage; the unique natural remains have made this piece of land full of elegancy and charm since the days of the ancients. Especially since the reform and opening up, Changzhou has built eight 4A-class tourist areas (spots), attracting the visitors from the east China and over the whole country. Changzhou is honored to be the first "China Excellent Tourism City" in the new century.

In 2010, Changzhou's annual income of tourism reached RMB 34.97 billion, an increase of 23.9%. The city received total 28.024 million domestic visitors, with the tourist income of RMB 32.61 billion, up 19.6% and 24.3% respectively; and 359,000 overseas tourists, with the tourist income of USD 350 million, increased by 17.5% and 18.1% respectively. A group of new programs have been opened, such as Universal Dinosaur Town, the Kuka Suka Grand Valley, the Grand Theatre of Dinosaur Town, the scenic spots of Three Rivers and Three Parks, the Amusement Park of Yancheng Remains of Spring & Autumn Period, the 4th floor of Tianning Pagoda and the creative business quarter of Canal No.5. Currently, Changzhou has one Class 5A tourist attractions and nine Class 4A scenic spots; 104 travel agencies, seven of which are ranked among Top 50 Travel Agencies for Outstanding Contribution in Jiangsu Provinces; and 65 stat hotels, including five five-star hotels and 22 four-star hotels.

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