Opening-up Strategy
2014年05月12日 14:34

At present, the products for export and foreign trade of Changzhou mainly include those with high technology content and high added values, such as machinery and electronic products. Changzhou has already housed 205 enterprises with the export value exceeding USD 10 million, among which 9 companies export more than USD100million of commodities every year. In 2008, the self-management export volume of Changzhou exceeded the USD 10 billion threshold for the first time. In 2009, the whole city achieved total import and export volume of USD 15.08 billion. The footprint of “Made in Changzhou” has extended to over 200countries and regions throughout the six continents in the world.

With the acceleration of its opening up to the outside world, Changzhou has established foreign economic cooperation relationships with more than 60 countries and regions in the world, and accumulatively involved in 129 overseas projects with a contracted investment value of USD 241 million. The investment has extended to the developed countries such as the US, Germany and Australia form those developing countries in Asia and Africa.

Since 2007, China has attached great importance to the development of outsourcing services and viewed it as an important component of the modern service industry. As one of the first International Services Outsourcing Base cities in Jiangsu province, Changzhou Software Park, Changzhou National Animation Industry Base, Changzhou Science and Education Town and the Zhonglou District of Changzhou have all been accredited as International Services Outsourcing Demonstration Bases. In addition, the Services Outsourcing industry of Changzhou has been listed in the White Book of Chinese Service Outsourcing. The 2009 witnessed a total service outsourcing contract value of USD 204 million.

During the development of export-oriented economy and foreign exchanges, Changzhou keeps going forward to the outside world and is gradually known by the world. Until now, Changzhou has established the international sister-cities relationships with 12 cities of 11 countries across five continents.


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