Comprehensive Economy
2014年05月12日 14:35

In 2010, Changzhou thoroughly applied "Scientific Outlook on Development", focused on the theme of "innovation, development and improvement" and strived for transforming development mode. The overall economy has shown steady growth trend, the primary indicator has continued rapid increase, and the micro-level economy has maintained sound performance.

Economic Aggregate

In the year of 2010, the whole city achieved RMB 297.67 billion in GDP, an increase of 13.1% as comparable price. The local general budgetary revenue RMB 28.62 billion, increased by 32.6%; the local general budgetary revenue accounted for 9.6% of GDP, increased by 1% over the previous year. And the proportion of there industries changed from 3.6:56.8:39.6 to 3.4:56.0:40.6. The proportion accounted for by added value of service industry in GDP increased by 1% over the previous year. Calculated by household registered population, the city's per capita GDP reached RMB 82,614 over USD 12,000 on the current exchange rate. The security ability of public finance was greatly enhanced and the structure of financial expenditure was further optimized. The annual general budgetary expenditure reached RMB 27.34 billion, increased by 25.0%, including RMB 10.96 billion for social security and employment, science and technology, education, culture, health and medical service, and environmental protection, increased by 24.1%.

Agriculture and Rural Economy

The output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery reached RMB 17.41 billion, an increase of 8.3%. Changzhou vigorously promoted the development of large scale high-efficiency agriculture, and newly built 141,000 mu of high-efficiency agriculture area (including 61,000 mu of facility agriculture), 63,000 mu of high-efficiency fishery area, and 109,000 mu of high-standard farmland. The total high-efficiency agriculture areas amounted to 990,000 mu. As of the end of 2010, Changzhou has owned 344 pollution-free agricultural production bases, 464 pollution-free agricultural products above the provincial level, 39 provincial-level famous agricultural products, 279 green-brand agricultural products and 131 varieties of organic foods. In 2010, Changzhou focused on the development of 10 key industrial parks, including Jintan Changdang High-efficiency Crab Industry Park, Liyang Caoshan Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park, Wujin Agricultural Expo Park, Xinbei Facility Vegetable Park and so on. All the year around, the investment in water conservancy construction achieved RMB 240 million, and the length of newly-built and rebuilt rural highways was 203 kilometers. The project of "three cleaning and one greening" (cleaning waste, sewage, rivers and greening villages) in thousands of villages has been fully completed. The number of professional cooperative economic organization about farmer increased to 696.

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