Foreign students attend Changzhou historical and cultural story theme illustration competition
2014年05月22日 09:44

On the morning of 16 May, Oxford International College of Changzhou (CZOIC) attended the Changzhou Historical and Cultural Story Theme Illustration Competition in Huaxia Art Expo Park.

Art teacher Daniel said in the interview with Changzhou television, "this illustration contest is welcomed by the teachers and students in the school, including foreigners…We selected some simple and understood short stories – translated into English…through the form of telling stories, children can understand the story easily, which also facilitates their memory and inspires creativity."


The students painted vivid Changzhou historic and cultural scenes. Year 8 student Manuel from Spain said "I will be leaving Changzhou to go back home to Spain this summer; I really want to take advantage of this last period of time in Changzhou to know more about the cultural stories here and bring these stories to friends and relatives in my hometown, to let them know that in the far east Asia there is such a city with a long history."

source:  CZOIC

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