Outing invitation to Liyang
2014年05月28日 10:55

Hi you all,

Our site is planning an outing to a beautiful village in Liyang. And we sincerely invite you to attend the farm-based leisure activity.

The village is located in Liyang. We've considered a self-driving tour to the place which will be difficult for some of you. So you can bring your Chinese friends and ask him to drive.

Things you can enjoy at the farm:

Fruit picking

(fruits in season such as nectarine, they charge you by the kg. for what you pick, usually RMB 50 for 3 kg.)


(you can do both catching and fishing there. Fishing tackles provided but limited. They charge you by the kg. for what you catch, usually RMB 15 per half-kilo.)


(3 barbecue stoves for rent with each cost 120 RMB, wood, tinfoil and other supplies provided. Food should be prepared by yourself.)

Enjoying nature


A date will be fixed when I know what the level of interest is.

If many of you want to come but can't drive, we may hire a coach for you.

Please let me know if you want to join.


There are two posts about the village:



The articles are in Chinese but you can find some pictures about the place and share the post with your Chinese friends.

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