Foreigners enjoy cycling tour in Changzhou
2014年06月09日 09:15

With slight rebound in temperatures on the weekend, foreigners who live in Changzhou go out of home to enjoy sunshine as well as cycling, jogging, kite flying...

Sivataman Krishnamurthy and some other 60 expats from more than 10 countries had been invited by the government to cycle in West Taihu Lake Bay on 8th June. The event was aimed at providing a relaxing scenic tour and photography experience for expats living in Changzhou.

Despite the scorching weather, all the expats said they had had a good day.

"Now that I know about this place, I will definitely come back frequently at weekends," said Sivataman Krishnamurthy, who still has much to explore on the 20.4-kilometer-long track, which is part of Changzhou's expanding network of green tracks and trails.

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