Foreign kids enjoy domino game in Wujin
2014年06月26日 09:38

By Theresa Boersma

"How can I tell him to be careful?" A slender girl – perhaps seven years old – asks her mother in Mandarin as she nervously eyes the curly, blond head of a boy a meter away. The girl's mother carefully walks her through the sounds for the English phrase "be careful." Meanwhile, not far off, a crash of wood rattling on wood erupts followed immediately by the frustrated groan of another child, "Why do my dominos always fall down?"

This is the scene in Miracle Fitness's yoga studio on the fourth floor of the Wujin Golden Eagle onthe morning of Sunday, June 22nd where 34 children are working like mad to assemble the greatestdomino track they can conjure. The participants range in age from five to eight years old and have cometogether from across Changzhou, and even from countries around the world to take part in this event.

Their parents stand by while they are randomly assigned to one of two teams and handed either red orblue ribbons, depending on their affiliation. Each team is allotted a box of 1500 dominos.




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