Changzhou's Expats are Getting Social Early in the Month
2014年07月18日 09:53

It's been a fairly laid back summer around Changzhou with many of the city's expats off traveling, and those left behind dodging massive thunderstorms. Despite the summer lull, some new regular events have popped up on the social scene on both ends of the city, giving dragon city foreigners an opportunity to catch up with old acquaintances whose WeChat IDs went missing or to meet newcomers to the area. Also, these meet ups are both food-related, so even if you're an anti-social recluse, you'll eat well at the very least!

First Sunday Brunch @ Grandma's Nook

Grandma's Nook is undergoing a tremendous revamp at the moment as it slowly transitions into larger quarters a couple doors down from the original. G-Nook 2.0 is bigger and more cafe-like with plush seating. While the walls are still a tad bare, who really cares when you are met with an array of All-You-Can-Eat western-style breakfast staples like freshly prepared eggs, bacon, home fries, toast, waffles, pastries, and breads. If you made it to the Fourth of July Brunch, expect a similar layout. If you missed it last time, well, you're in luck! Next brunch: Sunday, August 3rd.

Frying up bacon for brunch at Grandma's Nook.

American style cinnamon rolls at Grandma's Nook.

The brunch buffet at Grandma's Nook.

Brunchers enjoying the extra space and seating at Grandma's Nook's second location.

Hello Changzhou First Mondays

Now that Xinbei finally has its own Monkey King Pizza, Hello Changzhou is taking advantage of it with a regular catch up lunch scheduled there for the first Monday of every month. No buffet at this one, just order what you like off the regular menu. Obviously, this is targeting those outside the regular 9-5 grind, but there's a rumor going on that Hello Changzhou has some possible evening and weekend events in the works as well. Next lunch: Monday, August 4th.

Hello Changzhou crowd mingling at Monkey King.

Monkey King's new second location in Xinbei district (directly next to Candles).

Interior of the new Monkey King Pizza.

source: Tguide

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