Momi Cafe
2014年07月25日 09:54

Tucked away behind the Xinbei District Parkson, Momi Cafe maintains a laid-back Bohemian vibe thanks in no small part to its generous collection of sofas, reading nooks, books (travel, art, and literature–all in Chinese) and original postcards (which you can have sent out any day of your choosing within the next year using the "Mail to the Future" wall; you fill out the mailing info and the cafe sees to it that it gets sent out on your specified date). Assorted, unique gift ideas abound. On the menu, Momi's milk teas are the highlight, but the coffee selection is also a strong contender, and the cheese cake gets a lot right.

Momi Cafe makes for a quiet, sugary artistic haven behind Xinbei's Parkson.

Address: No. 108 Tongjiang Zhonglu, Xinbei District (Behind Parkson, near Aria and the movie theater)

                新北区通江中路108号丰臣国际北广场影视区1楼119号 (近橙天嘉禾影城)

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