Tianning Temple Ruyi Vegetarian Restaurant
2014年07月25日 11:03

This is Changzhou's only purely vegetarian restaurant. It also happens to be vegan and Buddhist (so no alcohol). It's right next to the main entrance of the Tianning Temple, on the right-hand side (if you're facing the temple). We recommend avoiding Ruyi during regular meal times on weekends and holidays as it tends to be overrun with tourists and their giant cameras during those times. Also, there's no air conditioning, so beware hot days.

Ruyi Vegetarian Restaurant has an incomplete picture menu (and only one, so you may need to wrestle it off some little old ladies), but provided you have no deadly allergies to contend with, this is the only place in town where a vegetarian (or vegan for that matter) can perform the random "let's point and see what happens" technique some expats like to use. If you've been to Buddhist temple restaurants before, Ruyi has the usual "fake meat" offerings alongside non-fake vegetable dishes with poetic names.

Tel: (0)519-8817 8097, (0)519-8811 4934 (Chinese)

Address: No. 636 Yanling Middle Road (next to Tianning Temple entrance), Tianning District


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Meat that isn't meat on offer at Ruyi Vegetarian Restaurant.
A "Duck" specialty at Ruyi Vegetarian Restaurant.
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