Dutch lad in Changzhou celebrates beer festival at home
2014年08月20日 13:50
Conis (right) pours malt into the machine.

Conis from the Netherlands and his wife Aikenbo, work for the branch of a foreign company in Changzhou. Their favorite relaxation after work is to invite friends to taste the beers made by themselves.

Back in Netherlands, Conis used to make beers at home. After five months in Changzhou, he managed to enjoy the homemade taste again with the help of his colleagues, who taught him to buy tools and materials online.

Starting from crushing malt, every beer-making process requires precise control of temperature and intensity. After more than 80 tries, Conis has gradually mastered the know-how of making beer.

Iris, a young man from Netherlands, is a regular guest of Conis's and always helps Conis with beer making. After work, they would sit on the sofa to enjoy the beer and sing songs in the living room, and Conis would also play his beloved guitar.

Even though they are thousands of kilometers away from home, a glass of homemade beer makes them feel at home.

Conis crushes the malt.
Conis measures the temperature of the crushed malt.
Conis and friends enjoy beer and music.

 source: JSCHINA

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