A Gem in Xinbei District: Aria Italian Restaurant
2014年09月01日 13:42

Aria is the best Italian Restaurant in Changzhou, in my opinion. When we first arrived in Changzhou we stayed in the Sheraton Hotel for a few weeks near Xinbei's Wanda Plaza and discovered this restaurant. It is technically behind the nearby Parkson and faces a non-busy street. After several dining experiences there I thought I would share my opinion and favorites with you! After walking into the restaurant—usually greeted by nice Italian chef, Saverio D'Antonio, cooking in the kitchen behind the glass—you are seated at your table and served fresh bread with oil and vinegar. The restaurant is quiet and has many tables, they will accommodate larger groups by putting tables together with no trouble. While reading through the English menu and deciding what to eat each time, our son is usually coloring at the table or walking around the restaurant with one of us a bit. The staff is very friendly about kids, often times though we are the only ones with a child in there.

Dining area at the Aria Restaurant behind Xinbei District.s Parkson.
Chef D'Antonio preparing the "Chef Special"

So what should you order? Well just about everything I have eaten there has been very good! Coming from Phoenix, Arizona where we specialize in Mexican food and do not have many good Italian restaurants I love that we have this place in Changzhou! The pizzas are very good, they offer a large variety of toppings for everyone. The chef special is delicious, Chef D’Antonio brings over a large wheel of cheese about the size of a car tire, then places in fresh hot pasta. As he spins the noodles in the cheese, it melts forming a very delicious sauce. Once plated this dish is similar to an Alfredo and I would highly recommend it!!! The lasagna is made fresh daily and has very good meat sauce and flavor to it. We have dined with friends that have tried the pastas with shrimp and seafood, spaghetti bolognaise, raviolis and gnocchi.

In addition, you can order pizza and a few appetizers for delivery. I am not sure of their radius for delivery but when at the Sheraton they were happy to deliver to us, and the food was just as good. When you go, ask the server for a copy of the delivery menu for next time!

The Aria Restaurant's pasta is one of the many stars on the menu.
Aria's Caprese makes the most of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella.

Tel: (0)519-8888 1388

Add: No. 109 Fengchen International Plaza Themed Area (Pedestrian Area behind Parkson), No. 108 Tongjiang Middle Road, Xinbei District


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