Bros Wings
2014年09月04日 09:49
The entrance to Bros Wings is hard to miss. That is, once you find the right alley behind the old Changzhou church..

(Tguide) Walking into Bros Wings is like coming home. That is if your home is a hip cement loft tucked into a former industrial district in any of the U.S.'s trendier cities. Artwork, photos, skate decks, and music add just enough warmth to make the space inviting. If Bros Wings were in Shanghai, it would blend in with the wealth of hangouts there, but here in Changzhou it's one of a rare breed: a place to kick back and chill.

The menu at Bros Wings is one of the more labor intensive menus you're likely to run across.

The menu is populated with American classics: wings (of course! and in 4 flavors), pizza, hamburgers, and the magical unicorn of Changzhou–the burrito–even makes a surprise appearance. American microbreweries dominate the beer menu. Bros Wings' owners Sean and Ryan are off to a great start, although they admit to perpetually fine-tuning their offerings. This coming Friday (September 5th), they'll start rolling out dishes that incorporate sausages, hamburger patties and bacon from everyone's favorite local meat brand, Smoke House Meats, and hamburger buns and desserts from the always delectable Grandma's Nook.

Bros Wings namesake
Pasta at Bros Wings
Burger at Bros Wings complete with hamburger patty and bacon from Smoke House meats.
The Golden Prawn Pizza at Bros Wings is surprisingly tasty.
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