Chinese Fonts in Silicon Valley
2014年09月18日 16:46

Last mouth, Adobe and Google announced to launch a new font of Noto SansCJK, which got the global concern. The font has 7 weights, fully supports Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, as well as Latin from the Source Sans font family, Greek and Cyrillic text form. Changzhou SinoType Technology Co., Ltd.(SinoType), which is the only Chinese company taking part in the font developing, is the Chinese font developer of Noto SansCJK.

SinoType locates in a little yard of Lujiaxiang, Niutang town. It has designed over 60 fonts, 10 of which can be downloaded online for free. In the Word document, fonts of STSong, STFangsong, STKaiti, etc, are all designed by SinoType.

SinoType was established by Huang Kejian, an overseas Chinese in America, in 1991. In first 5 years, SinoType had not a penny of earnings. In 1996, SinoType designed the first batch of Chinese fonts and sold them to Adobe, getting the first pot of gold. After that, world famous companies such as Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon purchased SinoType fonts successively. In 1999, the Office2000 bundled 10 SinoType fonts, which made SinoType rise to fame in Silicon Valley. Now, SinoType has a subsidiary in Beijing, specializing in design and development. In Silicon Valley, SinoType also has an office.

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