Curtain falls on 'Home in Changzhou' expat talent show
2014年12月22日 10:01

The "Home in Changzhou" expat talent show final was held on the afternoon of December 19th presenting 10 performances on stage.

The talent show, launched by the city government, attracted more than 100 contestants of about 20 nationalities.

Many of the performances were rich in Chinese elements. The final show opened with the impressive "Chinese Style" singing performed by expats from Finland, Yemen, Sweden and Turkmenistan. Other contestants showed off their Chinese singing, Chinese dance, band music and opera performance.

Krish came to Changzhou several years ago. After he began to learn Chinese, he found himself very much devoted to traditional Chinese arts, such as Wuxi opera, Chinese crosstalk and magic.

He and his partner performed a short piece from Wuxi opera "The Wandering Songstress" and won bravos from the audience.

Michael is a teacher from the United States. He has been in Changzhou for one year and a half. Now he teachers English at an enrichment center at Nandajie. He sang a pop Chinese song '"Fairytale" to show his love for this city.

Christensen Samuel from America plays the guitar and sings "Lake Baikal".

Mathieu's band consists of his friends Dime, Andrew and Vitalik perform "RoboJazz" on stage.

"Home in Changzhou," an expat talent show, has invited local residents to vote for winners in various categories.

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