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2015年03月20日 10:06

Latest from the Nook: Since opening the deli two doors down, Grandma's Nook has expanded beyond its mission of providing fresh, natural, wholesome bread to the city of Changzhou into an all-around hangout and community center. Current activities include Friday night game nights, Sunday brunch, regular beginner's mahjong during the week, and a weekly English corner (inquire at Grandma's Nook for details; there's an awesome deal involved). Also, freshly made sandwiches for just 15 rmb make for an excellent quick lunch.

Finding sandwich bread that will fit in a toaster isn't so difficult to do here in Changzhou, but what do you do if you're craving something a little more interesting, like a nice crusty multigrain loaf… or bagels! This cozy little bakery run by American expat Satina will hook you up. Call ahead for large orders and store those loaves in your freezer for yeasty wheat hits all month long. VIP cards are available, and it's also possible to get delivery to your place if you get enough friends together and place a large enough order. To make your life just that much easier, we've included the Grandma's Nook bread price list below (it's by no means exhaustive, and appears to be a selection of more popular items; we suggest you get in touch with Satina if you're craving something that doesn't show up on this). Although if you order by phone, you miss out on some good conversation and browsing whatever treats are fresh that day in the display cases. Grandma's Nook sells Smokehouse Meats' fresh sausages and bacon, and since expanding into the Cafe two doors down, has begun to offer deli and other specialty items.

Tel: 133 3818 3712 or 152 9508 2029 (English)

Email: satinaa9@gmail.com

Web: http://www.grandmasnook.com/

Address: A-183 Hutang New Town Shopping Street, Wujin district (ground floor below Jägerwirt; enter by Web English)


Loaves cooling at Grandma's Nook.

If you stop by Grandma's Nook, you'll find many treats you won't see on this list. (sina)


Multigrain sourdough - Rye, oat, whole wheat, flaxseed, sunflower seed – 20 rmb

Sunflower Loaf - Enriched white bread with sunflower seeds added – 20 rmb

Farmers Bead - Wheat, white, sourdough round – 20 rmb

Black Bread - Rye, sour - 20 rmb

Deli Rye - Sourdough rye with caraway seeds – 20 rmb

Pumpernickel – Lean loaf with rye and whole wheat; dark with a slight bitter taste – 25 rmb

Brötchen - Lean breakfast rolls – 5 rmb

Enriched Rye - A light sandwich loaf – 20 rmb

Miche - 100% whole wheat sourdough – 15 rmb

Enriched Whole Wheat - 50% whole wheat, nice for sandwiches – 20 rmb

Cinnamon Raisin Loaf - White loaf with a swirl of cinnamon, sugar and raisins in each slice – 20 rmb

Ciabatta - 15cm long roll with sundried tomatoes, and Italian seasonings – 15 rmb

Bagels - Sesame, poppy seed, onion, salt, plain or "everything" – 6 rmb

Bretzl – 6元 rmb

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