Recommended restaurant: Istanbul Cafeteria
2015年03月23日 09:09

(Tguide) This tiny Turkish eatery is tucked away in a booth inside Xinbei Central Park, not far from the Hanjiang Lu Starbucks. A labor of love by its Turkish owner, Istanbul Cafeteria covers its bases with an attention to detail unusual in Changzhou's restaurant scene. Odds are you will probably head there for the döner kebap (order it bigger than you think you will want), as it is hands down the most authentic in town, but the salads and pide are also amazing and worth a try for the cheese alone (you won't find this cheese at Metro). Ingredients are sourced with care, Halal, and many of them are imported directly from Turkey. And there's baklava for dessert, people. Baklava!

Fresh-baked baklava at Istanbul Cafeteria.

If that weren't enough, Istanbul Cafeteria offers free delivery to Xinbei. We will try to get a menu up soon on here to help with that. The staff speaks English, so ordering shouldn't be an issue. We've also been informed that soon they will have Shisha (a.k.a. "hookah") onsite and there's been talk of barbecue when the weather finally warms up.

Hours: 9:30-21:30

Tel: 182 0612 7717

Add: 10 meters south of the north entrance to Xinbei Central Park on Hanjiang Road (by the north parking lot), Xinbei District


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