Recommended Restaurant: Yabby Lake
2015年06月01日 09:40
The front door of Yabby Lake western restaurant and its outdoor seating area.

(Tguide) While quite a few places in Changzhou now offer opportunities for a satisfying meal, it's still difficult to find eating establishments designed to encourage the kind of leisurely loitering–glass in hand–that many expats associate with the summer months back in their own countries. The dearth of such eateries is even more noticeable down in Changzhou's southern Wujin District, making Yabby Lake Western Restaurant, a fairly recent addition to Changzhou's restaurant scene, such a welcome.

The industrial chic interior at Yabby Lake would be at home in many foreign cities.

An official offshoot of an Australian Winery (and the first full service restaurant in China to bear that winery's name), Yabby Lake is tucked away behind one of the blocks in the gargantuan Galaxy International complex amidst an expansive pedestrian boardwalk and quaint canal. With a quiet view of water, trees, and modern glassed-in villas, this restaurant exists in an entirely different world from the traffic and crowds a couple streets away.

The ribs at Yabby Lake are one of many items those with a Western palate will finds familiar.

The menu at Yabby Lake features the usual Western selections (soups, salads, steaks, burgers, pizza, etc.) frequently garnished with delightfully creative twists that help it stand out amidst the many western restaurants in town that boast nearly identical menus. The chef here obviously knows his stuff and has been allowed enough freedom to prove it. The only let down for some folks will be that while the pictures in the menu are gorgeous and very true to the final dishes when they come out, at recent visits were no English translations, which can make puzzling out what exactly is on that pizza, for example, a challenge for those who can't read Chinese. The waitstaff onhand always seems eager to help, though.

The wine room at Yabby Lake is a sight to behold, of course, for those who like their meals with a side of fermented grape juice. Large, diverse, and heavily populated with exquisite New World options, a great deal of thought and care has obviously been taken in the selection by Yabby Lake proprietor Kelie Feng.

Wine, salad, and a sunny evening at Yabby Lake.

When it opened in August 2014, Yabby Lake started off with a bang, hosting numerous events, parties, and activities that have tapered off over the winter. Hopefully with the rise in temperatures, these opportunities will ramp up again. Although it's always a pleasure to just sit out on the restaurant's traffic free outdoor seating area and enjoy a quiet evening.

Tel – (0)519-8887 1717

Add – 2-66 Area 2, Galaxy International, Hutang, Wujin District

地址 – 武进区湖塘星河国际二区2-66

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