Russian 'Little White Birch' Dance Troupe to perform in Changzhou
2016年03月07日 10:11

When: 20th March, 2016


Where: Changzhou Grand Theater

Getting there: B12, 24, 32, 47, 19, 33, 42, 302, 48.

Tickets: RMB 50, 100, 180, 280.

Packages: RMB 600 (280*3)

                      RMB 450 (280*2,180*3)

                      RMB 300 (180*2)

                      RMB 200 (100*3)

                      RMB 150 (100*2)

Note: Children below 1m in height are admitted to the auditorium.

Tickets are available from the official website:

You will never forget the 'Little Birch Tree' once you see their performance; you will get excited once recalling them. Some even said, without exaggeration, 'the 'Little Birch Tree' will make the bluest person smile. '

A group of slender and beautiful girls come to you, dancing airily. Long red dresses set off their charm. Their steps are so light that make you feel they're 'drifting', or, it is not them, but the stage is revolving, centering on them. Each of them holds a birch branch, with green leaves waving about. 'This is a birch on the land...', the girls are dancing and singing, and such a scene with the atmosphere of spring and the romance of summer associates people with the boundless field and birch forests in Russia.

Of course, people will also be reminded of the unique gestures and graceful figures, lightsome and smooth steps, brisk and continuous moves as well as easy and natural performance of the actresses. The choreographer has successfully shown the pursuit of the Russian towards the ideal of beauty through the beautiful and slender girls in the dance.

National Little Birch Tree Dance Troupe

The National Little Birch Tree Dance Troupe of Russia is a treasure of the Russian national art. Sixty years ago, "Little Birch Tree" was founded by the Russian people's actress, who initiated a unique dance style by combining folk stories with classical ballet techniques perfects. Since then, the troupe has been world famous with its unique style, covering over 100 countries and overcoming a huge audience, who have showed praise on their performance, among which, "unparalleled" is most commonly used. Although there are so many national dance troupes in the world, the troupe is still unique as "the Most Beautiful Name Card of Russia".

The birth of the "Little Birch Tree" round dance has added a new style of choreography to Russia's dance art. The core of the style is the combination of folk dance factors with the classical choreography, which expresses the internal beauty, emotions and power of Russian folk dance by a visualized means.

In 2004, the troupe was awarded the Presidential Cultural Fund of Russia. In 2006, they became subordinate to the Office of the President of Russia and has been frequently appearing at major international events to show the charm and style of Russia as a special ambassador of the President of Russia for international cultural communication.


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