Jintan Port ready for trial run by end of June
2016年05月26日 09:47

With the completion of Jintan Port's 140,000 m2 storage yard and roads, the port ( first phase ) is set to start the trial run by end of June.

With construction work starting in December 2013, Jintan Port is Changzhou's largest inland port and the Jintan District's only inland container port. The port has one south harbor basin and one north harbor basin with a total width of 102 meters. Among its 15 berths, two are 1,000-ton general cargo berths, two are 1,000-ton bulk berths, and three are 1,000-ton multifunctional berths. With a total investment of 470 million RMB, the port is designed to have an annual handling capacity of 5.62 million tons.

As of now, 300 million RMB has already been invested and the north harbor basin ( first phase ) has been completed with handling equipment being installed. The south harbor basin ( second phase ) will be planned for construction after the the first phase of the port becomes fully operational.

Jintan Port is vital for Changzhou to explore the water transportation market in south Jiangsu, develop its modern port logistics industry, and improve the competitiveness of its inland ports.

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