Increasing rainfall and more severe convective weather expected
2016年05月27日 13:41

A subtropical high pressure, southwesterly warm moisture and a cold front will make it a wet week in Changzhou, the local weather bureau has announced.

While that may not be good news for those making plans for the outdoors, the rains are expected to clean the city's pollutants and hasten the return of good air quality.

The changzhou Meteorological Bureau said the city can expect intermittent showers from tonight until next Friday. The forecast for the next three days is average rainfall of 50 to 70 millimeters in the city, with some parts of the city likely to receive 70 to 100 millimeters.

The threat of thunder and lightning is also a possibility.

Next week is expected to be mostly rainy as a result of the combined effect of a subtropical high-pressure system, southwesterly warm moisture and a cold front, the Changzhou Meteorological Bureau said.

According to the weather bureau, three major rainfalls are likely to occur in the coming days: between today and Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week and next Friday.

Today the high will remain at 23 degrees Celsius, but it will rise to 25 degrees on Sunday.

On Monday and Tuesday next week, the high is expected to be between 27 and 28 degrees. Lows will be 19 degrees to 20 degrees.

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