Liyang Caoshan Slow City program selected into the National Excellent Tourism Projects
2016年06月07日 15:44

Recently, the National Tourism Administration issued the List of National Excellent Tourism Projects 2016. The program of Liyang Caoshan Slow City Tourist Resort was selected into the list.

In recent years, Liyang's northern mountain area has been focusing on the landscaping project of Caoshan Slow City Tourist Resort, and gradually built a resort for leisure and tourism, which comprehensively promoted the development of tourism industry in the northern mountain area. Currently, Caoshan is applying for the title of Jiangsu Provincial Tourist Resort.

It is learned that the National Tourism Administration, on the basis of comprehensive consideration of the maturity of project, the starting conditions, market prospects, regional demonstration effect and other factors, strictly selected from the tens of thousands of tourism projects throughout China the final winners of excellent tourism projects. The National Tourism Administration requests the relevant departments and financial institutions to positively support the selected tourism projects to ensure their smooth progress.

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